What is a service?

A service is what you're offering your clients to book with you. This guide will take you through how to create a service. You can see more about how services can be grouped into categories in this guide

How to create a service

  • Hover over the your business tab
  • Select services from the drop-down menu
  • Click create service. 

Add the details of the service

Add any additional details

Advanced settings can be expanded by clicking show advanced settings:

  • Give the service a description - this will appear on your business microsite(s) 
  • Set the occupancy of the service - this is the maximum number of participants who can participate in this service at one time
  • Turn on online group booking if you wish remaining spaces in this booking to be available for others to book into (find more about online group booking here)
  • Set the maximum number of participants which should be added in one online transaction
  • Set buffer time before and after this service (find out more about buffers)
  • Apply a custom schedule to set the days, times and dates on which this service should be bookable. 

Top tip: if you have multiple, similar services, you can create a copy of a service by clicking the icon on the right of any service on the services management page.

How to re-arrange your services

To set the order in which your services and categories should display in your online booking tools, you can drag-and-drop them in your services management page.

  • Flip the drag-and-drop slider to change it to green
  • Click and hold the three lines on the left of the service or category
  • Drag the service or category and drop it where you want it to be positioned.
  • When you're finished, be sure to flip the drag-and-drop slider to change it back to pink. 

Using this tool, you can also drag services between categories.

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