Add additional details to your standard services

If you haven't already created a standard service, you can learn more here.

Open up your service using the pencil icon and scroll down:

  • Click on show advanced settings

  • Give the service a description. This will only appear on your business microsite(s), not your booking widgets.

  • Include the location where your service will take place. The location will show in the calendar event of your confirmation emails, not in the content. Learn more about calendar events.

  • Set buffer times before and after the service. Learn more about buffers.

  • Choose the bookable time of your service. If you want your customers to be able to book when you're available i.e. the same time as your business hours and working hours, then select any available time. If you want your customers to be able to book at specific times, then select custom schedule to choose the days, times and dates which this service should be bookable. Learn more about custom schedules.

Other additional details you can add

There are some features in Appointedd that when enabled, will trigger more advanced settings under your services.

  • To take payments online you need to connect Appointedd to one of our payment providers. By doing so, an option called payments will appear in your services. You can choose to take full payment or a deposit and make the payment optional (if you wish). Learn more about how to take payments online.

  • To offer virtual services you need to connect Appointedd to a video conferencing system. We have a direct integration with Zoom, but you can still connect with other major video conferencing platforms too. Learn more about virtual services.

  • To ensure you have the available equipment or area for the service to take place, you may want to add assets. By doing so, the option assets will appear in your services. You can choose the asset that should be assigned to the service in order to prevent getting double booked. Learn more about assets here.

Top tip ⭐️ if you have other services with the same advanced settings, you can create copies by clicking on the paper icon.

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