With Appointedd, you can customize your online booking process. From editing the look and feel of your tools to changing the flow and the text on your booking widget. 

This video demonstrates the most comprehensive booking flow and which items/steps you can customize: 

From your online booking settings, you can edit the flow of making a booking and how and when customers can book time with you. You can find your online booking settings under the booking tools tab.

Online booking settings and booking policies

By default, your account allows customers to book through your booking tools. If you don't want customers to book with you, turn this setting off

Your booking policies allow you to set when people book with you. You'll find full details about booking policies in this guide.

Service and resource selection

If your services don't have prices, you can choose not to show a price. 

Should your customers be able to select the resource they wish their booking to be with? Turn on resource selection or resource group selection. Find a full guide to this here

When you create a booking widget, you can set whether you wish resource and group selection to be on for that specific booking widget. 

Date and time

Appointedd timezone functionality ensures that wherever the customer is in the world, they can see your availability in their timezone. If you function across timezones, turn the default customer timezone in booking tools to automatically detect

Set the time increments in which you display your availability to the customer. You'll find a full guide to time increments here

Customize the text which displays where there is no availability. 

Customer details

Would you like the customer to create an Appointedd account? This allows the customer to create bookings with their email address and password and allows them to log in to view an cancel their bookings. You'll find a full guide to customer logins here

Do you require a phone number for the booking to be made?

Should customers have the option to leave a note with their booking? If you have booking questions turned on, we suggest turning this setting off

Booking questions

To ensure that you have all of the information you need before a booking, you can ask the customer questions. These can be set up for each of your services and answers are stored alongside the notes of the booking. Find a full guide to booking questions here

Your privacy policy

Enter the URL of your privacy policy to have this presented to the customer when they make their booking. 


You can edit the text which displays when a booking is made. This text will be displayed at the last step of the booking process, under Editing the text which displays when a booking is confirmed Your booking has been made.


How close to a booking should a customer be able to cancel? This cancellation would be from the customer login page or the confirmation email. 

Should your customers have the option to cancel in their confirmation email?

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