As of 8th July, instead of entering an email address and password to make a booking, a customer should simply enter their name, email address and phone number (and any custom fields required by the business).

From that date, customers aren't able to log in at to view and amend their bookings. 

Appointedd customer account is different to the business account. Businesses using Appointedd log in as usual at Customers booking appointments will continue to book using the booking tools.


Booking flow present prior to this change:

If you choose to require login, your customer uses their existing Appointedd customer account details or creates an account from your booking tool. When a customer creates an Appointedd customer account, they can log in to view all of their bookings with any business that uses Appointedd (and requires login) and cancel future bookings.

If you choose to not require login, your customer enters their first name, last name, email address and phone number, along with any custom fields that you have added.

As default, login is required. You can edit this by going to the booking tools tab and clicking online settings. The setting is worded Allow customers to book online without an Appointedd account:

  • To require login, the slider should be set to OFF 
  • To allow guest booking, the slider should be set to ON. 

Note: an Appointedd customer account is different to your Appointedd organisation account. To log in as a customer, you should create your own Appointedd customer account - it's free!

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