Within Appointedd, you can view your online calendar in daily and weekly formats, and you can also view the bookings in your calendar as an agenda.

To view your bookings as an agenda, click the agenda button on the top left of your calendar.

From the agenda, you can see a full list of all of your upcoming bookings. At a glance, you can see more information about your bookings than in the daily and weekly views, such as the price of the booking, whether payment has been made and the assets being used by that booking. The bookings indicate the resource to which they are assigned with the resource's initials or picture and the resource's color. Learn how to assign a color and upload a picture for each of your resources.

To see all of the booking details, you can click on the booking, the same as you would in daily or weekly view.

How to set the agenda view as your default

If you use the agenda view most in your business, you can set it as your default view. So whenever you load Appointedd or click the bookings tab, you'll be taken directly to the agenda view. 

  • Go to the your business tab
  • Select business settings
  • Set your default view as agenda

How to filter the bookings in your agenda

In agenda view, you can filter to view just the bookings you want to see. Filter by:

  • Resources and resource groups
  • Pending booking requests
  • Bookings with an unpaid payment request
  • Bookings with available spaces
  • Services and categories
  • Booking source.

How to download an export of your bookings

You can download your bookings into a CSV file for your own uses. Find a full guide to exporting bookings here

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