Group bookings are bookings with multiple participants e.g. a meeting for 10 people or a tour for 5. 

Once a group booking is created you can see clearly on your calendar screen how many people are on the booking. Simply click on the booking to get further information. Click on the customers tab to get a full list of all of the customers on the booking, see how many spaces they are occupying and edit or remove customers. Customers can occupy multiple spaces on the booking if they would like to bring friends or colleagues.

You can view the notes for each customer by clicking the customers tab. Notes on the customer on the booking are notified by a note icon. 

There are two kinds of group booking that you can create in Appointedd. The best way to think of these is as closed and open group bookings.

Closed Group Bookings

A closed group booking is a normal booking that simply has an occupancy of more than one: this can either be entered into your calendar manually by you, in which case you input how many participants there will be, or it can be booked online by one person who will select how many participants there will be, after which the slot will appear as unavailable to be booked by anyone else.

See how to create a closed group booking.

Open Group Bookings

A open group booking is a booking of multiple occupancy that has Online Group Booking enabled. This means that the time slot for this booking will remain available to be booked into through your microsite or booking widget until all the spaces have been filled. This makes it perfect for an event or a tour that is open to the open, as it allows a number of different people to join the booking.

See how to create an open group booking.

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