A recurring booking is a booking that occurs more than once at regular intervals e.g. every Wednesday at 2pm, or on the first Saturday of every month.

Any service can be used to create a recurring booking and they are shown in your Appointedd calendar with a circular arrow icon in the top left of the booking.

How to make a recurring booking

  • Click add booking
  • Select a service
  • Select a date and time
  • Click make recurring
  • Make this booking recur by selecting how often the booking occurs¬†
  • Set an end to the recurring booking by selecting the number of occurrences or the end date
  • Click next¬†
  • Add a customer to the booking and add any notes or answer any questions
  • Click create booking.

Top tip

When making recurring bookings, bear in mind that the customer will receive an email confirmation listing all the dates of future bookings, so it's a good idea to arrange recurring bookings in smaller series, even if you know it will be continuing for the foreseeable future. This will stop your customer being overwhelmed with too many future bookings dates.

It will also make invoicing more organized and manageable, as each individual occurrence of a booking generates its own invoice.

To learn about rescheduling a recurring booking, read this guide.

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