How to change the date and time format:

You have a choice to view the date/time in your calendar as either European or American formats:

European: dd/mm/yyyy

American: mm/dd/yyyy

Please note: this only affects the calendar internally.

To set your date/time format:

  • Go to the Setup tab and click Customize business settings

  • Scroll to Date format 

  • Select your preferred date format from the drop down menu - the time format will be automatically updated to match.

What do my customers see?

📆 How the date format is displayed to your customers:

We will always display the date in the same, universal format to your customers e.g. Friday April 23rd 2021 (TIMEZONE).

🕑 How the time format is displayed to your customers

As standard, we will display the time in 12-hour format (am/pm).

However, we will display the time in 24-hour format (e.g. 13:00 instead of 1.00pm) depending on your selected timezone and the language chosen by your customers.

For example:

  • Your timezone is set to Stockholm

  • Your customer changes the language to Swedish

  • The times displayed with now show in 24-hour format

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