This functionality can be used where resources are something other than staff to indicate times when the resource will not be available, for instance times when a room or office is regularly in use.

To edit the working hours for a staff member:

  • Hover over the your business tab and select resources
  • Select working hours for the required resource 
  • Next to the appropriate day, click breaks 
  • Click add a break and select the times of that break.

To delete a break, just click the red minus sign. Don’t forget to click save working hours when you're done.

Top tip: you can use recurring breaks to manipulate booking intervals. For example, if your services take 45 minutes and you want all of your bookings to run back-to-back, you can set your services with a 30 minute duration and add 15-minute breaks at the end of every 45 minute interval in the day. This way, you only allow customers to book in those 30 minute slots - maximizing your time.

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