An asset is any limited thing that you require to complete a service. An example of an asset is a training room. If there is one training room and two staff members that can hold training in that room, the room would be double booked if both staff members were booked for training at the same time.

To prevent this, add an asset named ‘training room’ and assign it to any services that require the room.

How to add assets

  •  Hover over the your business tab and click assets
  •  Click add asset 
  • Name the asset 
  • Set the quantity (how many of those assets you have)
  • Tick the boxes next to any services that require this asset
  • Click save

You can also assign assets to a service when creating/editing the service.

How to view and manage assets on bookings

From the daily, weekly and agenda view, you can click on a booking and click on the assets tab to see the asset(s) which that booking is currently using:

Additionally, you can release an asset from a booking if the booking no longer requires it. Click the trash icon next to the asset. 

On the agenda view, the asset(s) used on a service are displayed on the booking without needing to click on the booking: 

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