Appointedd's no show management functionality allows you to mark a customer on a booking as 'no show' and identifies a customer who has previously been a 'no show' on any future bookings and in their customer record.

How to mark a customer on a booking as 'no show'

You can mark a customer as a no show on a booking from the calendar screen or from their customer record. On the calendar screen, simply click on the booking. From the customer record, click the bookings tab and click view booking next to the appropriate booking.

  • Click the status dropdown
  • Select no show.

If the no show is a customer who is part of a group booking, you should click the customers tab and mark the appropriate customer:

How to identify a customer who has previously been a 'no show'

A booking which contains a customer which has previously been marked on the bookings calendar page as a no-show is marked with an asterisk * sign. If the customer is part of a group booking, the asterisk * is next to the occupancy indicator on the booking.

You can see the total number of 'no shows' marked against a customer in their customer record. Access customer records by clicking the customers tab.

How to 'forgive' a customer who has previously been marked as 'no show'

If you would like to 'forgive' a customer who has previously not attended a booking, you can do so by removing the 'no show' status from any previous bookings. This can be done from the customer record:

  • Click the customers tab
  • Find the customer in the list or search for them in the panel on the right
  • Click view info 
  • Click the bookings tab

Here, you can see all of the customer's bookings. Any bookings with a 'no show' status are marked with an asterisk * next to the service name. By clicking view booking, you can see more details about each booking and change the status from no show to arrived.

How to discourage no shows

To encourage attendance and reduce no shows, set up automated reminder SMS and emails. You can customize the content and the timings of these messages to ensure that they are as effective as possible to ensure attendance.

You can also set up online payments to take full payment or deposit prior to the booking. When a customer is booking with you online, you can require that payment or deposit is taken prior to the booking being made. When you make a booking for a customer in your calendar, you can send them a request for payment via email.

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