What is a custom service schedule?

A custom service schedule dictates the times at which that service should be available/unavailable to book.

Custom schedules can only be applied to services with a duration in minutes or hours. They cannot be applied to services with a duration in days. 

To create a service schedule:

  • Hover over your business and click services to go to the service management page
  • Click the pencil button to edit an existing service or click add service to create a new one
  • Click show advanced settings
  • Under bookable times, click custom schedule 

Please note: when adding multiple bookable slots in one day, ensure that you leave a gap of at least 15 minutes between time slots for the custom schedule to be recognised. 

If this service is available on a regular basis eg the same time(s) every week:

  • Click on each day one by one
  • Add the time at which that service is available
  • To add additional times, click add times and repeat until all of your times are added
  • Click save and close. 

If the service is available only at specific times on specific dates e.g. for an event:

  • Click specific dates 
  • Select the date and times at which that service is available
  • Click the green arrow
  • Repeat to add all the available dates and times
  • Click save and close.

If a service in unavailable on specific dates:

  • Click specific dates 
  • Add the date on which that service is unavailable
  • Click the green arrow
  • Repeat to add all the unavailable dates
  •  Click save and close

The service will now only show as available when the service schedule dictates. You can edit a custom schedule at any time by clicking the calendar icon on the right of the service in the services management page. 

If you're leaving a break of just 15 minutes, remember that your interval increments in your general settings should be 15 minutes, 5 minutes, 3 minutes or 1 minute.

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