Epos Now is the leading cloud-based point of sale system in the UK. Integrating your Appointedd and Epos Now accounts allows you to run your business all from your till. Read more about the Appointedd and EposNow integration.

When you integrate your Appointedd and EposNow accounts, you can create transactions in the till straight from bookings in Appointedd and customer details are shared between the two systems.

Top tips:

  • Accounts should be integrated before active use of Appointedd begins.
  • Before connecting your Appointedd and Epos Now accounts, you should ensure that customers are only in one account - not both. Having the same customer(s) in both account would result in a duplication of customers.

How to integrate your accounts

To integrate an Appointedd account to Epos Now, you need to be subscribed to the exclusive partner plan. You can check whether you're subscribed to this plan by going to your billing page in Appointedd (under the user icon tab). If you don't have the option to subscribe to the partner plan, pop us a message through the messenger and we'll apply it to your account.

When you subscribe, you'll be guided through how to integrate your accounts. It's as simple as copying a code from Epos Now and pasting it into Appointedd.

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