Appointedd's webhooks integration allows you to use Zapier to pass information from Appointedd to MailChimp using workflows (called Zaps).

For example, you can set up a zap which automatically sends the details of any new customer in Appointedd to MailChimp:. 

TRIGGER step - catch the hook

  • Sign up for a free Zapier account

  • Click make a zap 

  • As your trigger app, select webhooks under built-in apps

  • Click catch hook then save + continue 

  • Copy the custom webhook URL to your clipboard

This should be pasted into the URL field in your webhook creator in Appointedd. To add a webhook in Appointedd, follow this guide.

  • In Zapier, click OK, I did this. 

Your Zap is now waiting for you to set off the trigger. In Appointedd, perform the action which your webhook is listening for e.g. creating a booking or creating a customer.

If the test is successful, click continue. If the test is unsuccessful, double check the custom webhook URL and make sure you're performing the correct action in Appointedd to trigger the webhook.

ACTION step - run Javascript

Now, all of the information from the webhook has arrived in Zapier. In order to take only the information which you require, you need to take that input and run Javascript on it to extract the bits of output you require e.g. email address. You'll need Javascript experience to do this. If you don't have experience with Javascript, we would suggest getting in touch with a web developer who can aid you in this. 

Zapier provide full details on how to run your Javascript step in their guide here

ACTION step - output to MailChimp

In your final step, you can choose how you wish to output the information from your webhook to MailChimp or any other app on Zapier. 

  • Select MailChimp as your Action App 

  • Select your action - add/update subscriber then click save + continue 

  • Connect your MailChimp account

If you don't yet have a MailChimp account, you can sign up for free here. Make sure that you create a list.

  • Click save + continue 

  • Select the list to which new Appointedd customers should be added

  • Under subscriber email, click event data customer email 

  • Choose whether you would like to send a double opt-in and a welcome email 

  • Select yes for updating exising subscribers 

  • Select whether you would like to replace groups 

  • Select a group which you subscribers will be added to 

  • Under first name, click event data firstname 

  • Under last name, click event data lastname 

  • Click continue 

  • Click create & continue 

  • Click finish 

  • Name your Zap and turn it ON

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