Note: this function is for creating open bookings that you would like to be available for multiple parties to book into. To create a closed group booking please follow this guide.

How to leave remaining spaces on a booking available to book (make a booking open)

To allow people to book into an existing group booking, e.g. for an event, you simply enable online booking on the booking in the calendar.

This booking is now available for participants to join on your microsite and booking widgets until all the spaces have been filled.

How to default that remaining spaces on a booking should be available to book (make a service open)

If you wish bookings for a service to always be open, you can enable online booking on the service. This can be done in the services management page:

  • Hover over the your business tab and click services 
  • Click add service or click the pencil button to edit an existing service
  • Click show advanced settings
  • Set the occupancy of the service. This is the maximum number of participants that can join the booking
  • Under online group bookings, flip the switch to ON 
  • Set the maximum number of people you wish to be added in one transaction
  • Complete the rest of the details for that service and click save service.

This service is now available to be booked in your calendar screen or by your customers on your microsite or booking widgets. After the first customer has booked onto a booking, the remaining spaces will be available for other customers to book until the booking has reached the maximum occupancy. All participants will be added to the booking in your calendar screen.

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