To have control over when you're booked, it's important to set your booking and cancellation policies. With Appointedd, you can set the following policies:

Notice period for online booking

This sets out how much notice period you require for a new booking. E.g. if your notice period is set to 1 hour, someone can make a 4pm booking up until 3pm.

Block availability

How far in advance do you wish customers to make bookings with you? E.g. by limiting this to 6 months, customers can't make a booking with you today for more than 6 months from now.

Require notice for cancellations

How close to the booking can a customer cancel the booking? E.g. if your required notice is 24 hours, a customer can cancel a Tuesday 3pm booking up until Monday at 3pm.

Set your booking policies in your online booking settings, under the booking tools tab. 

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