Once you have set your business opening hours, and created resources, you can manage your resources' working hours.

  • Click on the your business tab, then click on resources 
  • Click working hours for the resource

How to set the normal working hours of each resource

For each day of the week:

  • Enter a start and end time
  • Amend the timezone if necessary
  • Add any recurring breaks (see more about recurring breaks here)
  • Click save working hours

How to set exceptions to normal working hours

Exceptions to normal working hours can be added for any day on which a resource should be available to book, when they wouldn't normally be. See more about exceptional working hours here.

How to add days off

Days off should be added as holidays/vacation days.

  • Go to the bottom left of the working hours page to find days off 
  • Select the date on which the resource should not be bookable
  • Click add day off 
  • Repeat for multiple days off. 
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