If you find that you're trying to make a booking and the date/time you expect to be available isn't offered, this will be because one of the variables which feed into your bookable times isn’t available. This guide will take you through the variables that feed into your availability so you can identify which one is preventing you from making a booking. 

Does a resource have the time available?

The first thing to do is go to your bookings tab, look at the day you're trying to make a booking and make sure that the timeslot is free with one of your resources. The timeslot could be blocked by another booking, a break, the resource's working hours or an external calendar event. 

If the timeslot isn't free, you can check the working hours of your resource(s) to reflect their availability - you'll find a guide to that here.  Here are a few things to check:

  • Does the resource have a day off?
  • Are their exceptional working hours on that day?
  • Are there recurring breaks set up for that day?
  • Bear in mind that times here are in 24-hour clock, not 12-hour clock. 

If the timeslot is free, you should check that the resource is allocated to that service. See more information below. 

Is the service available?

The service settings will affect the availability of your booking - the duration, permissions, resources allocated, assets, buffers, and custom schedule. You can check your services under the your business tab. See some common mistakes below: 

  • Check that your duration fits in with your resource’s working hours and any breaks you’ve created.
  • Check that you have Online Booking or Online Request selected. The service needs to be one of these to display to your customer.
  • Check the resource allocated to the service are correct. If the service is assigned to a resource who isn't available, then the service can’t be booked.
  • Check that the assets required to complete the service are available.
  • Check that your buffers are configured correctly. Buffers take into account other bookings and other buffers but not opening and closing times.
  • On your custom schedule, are the correct times entered? Have you put AM instead of PM or vice versa? Have you set specific dates as unavailable instead of available? Get to grips with custom schedules here.

Are your online booking settings preventing the booking?

You can access your online booking settings by going to the booking tools and clicking online booking settings. You'll find a full guide to online booking settings here

Booking policies allow you to set how much notice period you require for bookings and how far in advance you accept bookings. So this affects the dates on which you're available to book. You'll find full details on booking policies in this guide

You should also check these few things:

  • Do you have online booking turned on? If this isn’t on, nobody can book in with you online!
  • Check that the Time increments to display in availability are correct. If you set your increments to on the hour, customers can't book in at half past. Additionally, you should check your Calendar interval increments in your general settings. We recommend setting these at 15 minutes. 
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