By using Appointedd, retailers convert online shoppers to in-store footfall by making in-store services bookable online. 

Within retail, Appointedd can be used for:

  • Personal styling
  • Dress and suit fittings
  • Store events
  • Shop mobility
  • Children's kiddy cars

Key functionality

  • Encourage re-book rates for personal styling, fittings and consultations by building meaningful relationships with your customers. Allowing the customer to select their advisor or book straight from that advisor’s individual booking site. 
  • Automatically send confirmations, reminders and followups to the customer from the advisor, including that advisor’s own details and message. 
  • Ensure that the advisor is best prepared for the booking by setting up questions to be answered by the customer during the booking process.



You can your have resources as people bookable for services e.g. styling, fitting and consultations.

You can have pieces of equipment bookable too e.g. children's cars, or wheelchairs, or create these as your assets instead to prevent double bookings.


Your services should be what the customer is booking with you e.g. a styling consultation, a suit fitting or mobility vehicle hire. 


If you only provide services in person, you should set your default customer timezone in booking widget as the timezone of your business. 

To allow your customer to select the resource they want to book with e.g. their stylist, turn on resource selection

Case studies 

Check out how M&S, Westfield and The Wedding Gallery use Appointedd to see how it could make a difference in your business.

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