Sign up students and customers to your courses online! Secure a deposit to reduce no shows, capture vital information with booking questions and automate confirmations and reminders to save time on admin, ensuring students remember about their session and have all the information they need well in advance.

Use cases

Within the tuition and courses  industry, Appointedd can be used for:

  •  1:1 sessions, face to face and online
  • Group sessions 
  • Private and public sessions
  • Music courses & private instrument lessons
  • Language learning
  • Mentoring
  • Crossfit classes, spin classes, group exercise classes
  • Martial arts, self defence classes



Create a resource for every tutor, or space that you are holding the class in. For example, Martial Arts Hall, Music Room A, Percussion Room | English Tutor, Spanish Tutor.
If your resources are people, send them confirmations of new bookings made with them by turning on confirmation notifications emails. 

Enter the weekly working hours for each tutor.


Create services and put them in appropriate categories. For example Private classes, Taster sessions, Beginners, Advanced sessions. 

Assign the price per session to your services. For example, if you're running a course of 10 sessions for a total of £100, set the service price as £10. 

Add buffers on a service by service basis to allow for prep time and clean up time. 

Booking widgets

Have a different booking widget for your different services/categories.

For example a page on your website with details of your French tuition can display  a booking widget with services for only French language. 

Also, you can have separate booking widgets for each of your resources or resource groups. These booking widget show only the services and availability of that resource (or the resources in that group). 

Booking questions

Assign booking questions on a per service level so that they are relevant to the booking being made. 

Booking reminders and follow-ups

By setting up different reminders and follow-ups for each of your services and/or resources, you can send relevant information to the customer. 

Add headers/footers and design your automated emails to fit in with your business branding.


If you only provide services in person, you should set your default customer timezone in booking widget as the timezone of your business

To allow your customer to select the resource they want to book with e.g. their stylist, turn on resource selection. 

Set your calendar interval increments at 15 mins/30 mins/1 hour depending on how frequent you want the intervals to be

Set user permissions for your staff at Standard or Restricted user. Never set your staff to Admin permissions. 


Take full payment, a deposit, or pay later using Stripe. All payments asked for before booking can be completed.

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