Taking payments via Appointedd

By connecting your Appointedd accounts with one of our payment gateway partners, you can take payments for your bookings online. Set the payment level required for each of your services (full payment or deposit) and take payment at the point of booking on your website or later by sending a request for payment after the booking has been made. 

You'll find full details to taking payments online via Appointedd in this guide

Issuing refunds via Appointedd

Once a payment has been made for a booking via Appointedd, this will be indicated next to the customer on the customers tab on a booking. 

By clicking on payment made, you'll find the invoice and further details of the payment. From here, you can also issue a refund for this payment - just click refund payment.

On this step, you can see how much the customer made payment for, the final digits of the card the payment was made with and the total value of any refunds already made on this booking. 

To refund this payment, enter the amount which you wish to refund. Alternatively, you can click the arrow icons to switch the format and enter the percentage which you wish to refund:

You have the option to enter the reason for this refund. This will go to your payment gateway account for your own records. 

Click the orange refund button to issue the refund! 

Note: notification of this refund is not send to the customer via Appointedd. You can choose to set this up in your own Stripe, Braintree or Square account. 

Understanding what refunds have been made

You can make multiple refunds on a payment until the full payment has been refunded. So to keep track of any refunds made on a payment, these are logged alongside the payment. The easiest way to find this is from the booking:

  • Click on the booking in the calendar
  • Click the paid icon:

If you have multiple participants on the booking, go to the participants tab to find the payment status of each participant individually. 

You'll be presented with all of the details of that payment, including the refund(s) made for it: 

Alternatively, you can see all payments made through your Appointedd account from your payment history:

  • Go to the integrations tab
  • Click payments
  • Click view payment history

Here, you have details of all Appointedd payments - pending, complete and refunded. Just click view to see full details. 

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