Once a booking has been made in Appointedd, you can view and edit the details and the customers on that booking by clicking on it. 

On the details tab, you can see the details of the booking including the price, date and time and customer. 

Additionally, if this booking only has one customer, you can perform actions such as marking a status, viewing and editing notes, sending a payment request and adding the booking to your point of sale system.

How to manage bookings with multiple customers

To manage a booking with multiple customers, it's best to head to the customers tab on the booking:

From here, you can view all customers on the booking together, sort them and make changes to multiple customers at once. 

By clicking on the three dots on the right of the customer's name, you can move the customer to another booking of the same service (click move customer). This takes their payment details and any notes and questions to the other booking. 

You can make a new booking for the customer by clicking add new booking

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