Appointedd allows you to schedule and take bookings for an event on the date(s) and time(s) which that event is running. This guide takes you through the best practice on setting up events. 

Create a service with multiple occupancy

To allow multiple people to join a booking, you must create a service with multiple occupancy:

  • Hover over the your business tab and click services

  • Click add service 

  • Complete the standard details e.g. name and price

  • Click show advanced settings

  • Set the maximum occupancy (this can be anything up to 500)

  • Set online group bookings to ON

  • Set the online booking limit. This is the maximum number of spaces which a customer should be able to book in one transaction. 

Set the bookable times

Usually, for an event, we want to add it to our calendar for one date/time (or potentially more). The best way to do this is by setting the service as unavailable at any time and then over-riding this to add it to the calendar for our chosen time. 

We can set the service as unavailable in the custom schedule when we're editing the service:

  • Click show advanced settings 

  • Under bookable times, select custom schedule 

The custom schedule box will appear with unavailable selected every day. Simply save and save service

Schedule the event

Now that we have set that the event is not available at any regular times, we can add the event to the calendar for our chosen date: 

  • Click add booking 

  • Select the service 

  • In the time selector step, flip the slider next to limit availability according to service schedule 

  • Select the appropriate date and time

  • Click next 

  • Click create booking

You do not need to add customers at this point so simply select yes

This single booking will now appear as available to book in your internal calendar are on your booking tools.

To manage this event and the customers on the booking, check out this guide

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