What SMS can I send?

Appointedd allows you to send SMS text messages to your customers and your business to confirm a booking (or changes to a booking), as a reminder, and as a follow up.

What do I need to send an SMS?

To send an SMS, you need to have credits. Most Appointedd subscriptions don't include credits. 

Businesses using Epos Now with Appointedd get 250 SMS credits every month. These free credits are used first and any purchased credits only after the free credits are depleted. 

You can purchase SMS from your account: 

  • Hover over the user icon on the top right
  • Click billing
  • Select the number of SMS you wish to purchase and confirm! 

Purchased credits don't expire so if you don't use them in your billing month/year, they'll roll over to the next. So we suggest buying the biggest bundle of credits for the best value. 

How many credits to SMS use?

Depending on the length of your SMS message, more than one credit could be used. 

One credit give 160 characters so if the SMS is more than that, you could be charged for more than one credit: 

  • Up to 160 characters = 1 credit
  • Between 160 and 320 characters = 2 credits
  • Between 320 and 480 characters = 3 credits etc. 
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