Multi-part services allow you to create services and so bookings with multiple distinct parts booked one after another. 

For example, you can allow customers to book a cut and colour appointment which combines the colour application, the development time, and the subsequent wash and style. 

How to create a multiple-part service

  • Go to the your business tab
  • Select services
  • Click add service
  • Click multi-part service

This service builder form is nearly the same as the one you would use to build a standard service. But there's one crucial difference - you can add multiple distinct parts. 

  • Give the service a name
  • Select a category
  • Input a price (or leave it as 0)
  • Click add service parts
  • If the part should block your calendar, keep block selected
  • If the part should be free time (time where the resource should be bookable for other bookings), select free
  • For blocks, you can add in a label e.g. colour application
  • Set the duration of this part
  • Click add service part
  • Repeat for each part! 

When booked in your calendar, the multi-part booking will be marked with an icon so you can identify them. You can click on either part of the booking to modify the booking e.g. changing the time. 

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