What is a standard service? 

A service is what you provide to your customers and allow them to book. A standard service is one which contains only one part and starts and ends in a single duration of time. The contrary to this is a multi-part service which you can learn more about here

Adding a new service: 

  • Hover over the Your business tab
  • Select Services from the drop down menu
  • Click Add service
  • Select Standard service

Fill in the service details: 

  • Give the service a name that your customers will be able to understand and identify when they are making a booking 
  • Select a category to place the service into, or click New category if the service does not fit into any of the existing ones (Learn more about service categories)
  • Set the duration and price of the service (Learn more about multiple durations of a standard service)
  • Choose the permissions of the service which allows you to control how your customers book this service (Learn more about service permissions)
  • Select the resource(s) that provide this service (Learn more about resources)
  • Select any assets that this service is dependent on (Learn more about assets
  • Click Save

If you would like to understand the advanced settings and capabilities of standard services you can do so here.  

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