This can allow your customers to book a cut and color appointment which combines the color application, the development time, and the subsequent wash and style. 

How to add a multi-part service:

  • Hover over the Your business tab

  • Select Services

  • Click Add service

  • Select Multi-part service

The service builder is very similar to the one used to create a standard service, however you can add individual parts to the booking. 

Filling in the service details:

  • Name the service so that it is clear and distinguishable when your customers are making a booking 

  • Place the service into an existing category or create a new one if not applicable to the current ones (Learn more about service categories)

  • Set the price for the service as a whole taking into account all parts of the multi-part service

  • Click Add service part 

This box allows you to custom build the service you are offering by adding in specific durations of time you are with your customer and periods of time where you are available to see another.

  • For parts of the service where you are required for that customer, you should set it to Block so that period of time isn't available to be booked by another customer

  • For parts of the service where you can complete another task, you should set it to Free so that you are available to be booked for other services

  • Name the blocked service part with what is required for that part of the service e.g Colour Application

  • Then set the duration of this part of the service

  • Click Add service part and repeat for as many part as required

You then finish creating the multi-part service by completing the rest of the details as you would with a Standard service and clicking Save.

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