Firstly you will need to select Google as the external calendar you wish to sync your Appointedd account with:

  • Hover over the Integrations tab

  • Select Calendar sync

  • Click Connect calendar

  • Click connect your calendar 

  • Select the resource whose calendar you wish to sync

  • Click Sync 

  • Choose Google from the list

You will then need to agree to Cronofy’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. 


Click the Link Google Account button.


 Log in to your Google account. Remember that you are logging in to the account where you manage your company calendar/availability.


Once you have signed in or selected your Google account, you will need to click the Allow button to let Cronofy connect to that account.

If you have a single calendar associated with that account, you’re all set!

More than one calendar?

If you have more than one calendar being pulled in to that account, you will need to select which calendar to sync and press the Sync Now button. Take care to select the calendar where you are recording your availability for your company. 

Once chosen, you’re all set!

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