Edit your online booking settings to react to a changing situation.

From your online booking settings, you can edit the booking flow, and how and when customers can book time with you. You can find your online booking settings by heading to the booking tools tab and clicking on Customize your booking flow.

Online booking settings and booking policies

By default, your account allows customers to book through your booking tools. If you don't want customers to book with you, turn this setting off.ย 

Your booking policies allow you to set when people book with you. You'll find full details about booking policies in this guide.

Booking questions

To ensure that you have all of the information you need before a booking, you can ask the customer questions. These can be set up for each of your services and answers are stored alongside the notes of the booking. Find a full guide to booking questions here.ย 

Your privacy policy

Enter the URL of your privacy policy to have this presented to the customer when they make their booking.ย 


You can edit the text which displays when a booking is made. This text will be displayed at the last step of the booking process, under Editing the text which displays when a booking is confirmed Your booking has been made.


You can allow customers to make cancelations via the customer login page , and/or the confirmation email.

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