With Appointedd, you can reach your entire customer base efficiently with reminder and follow-up messages.

You choose the channel (email or text message), sender, recipient, and content of the communication. 

As reminders and follow-ups are transactional (sent in relation to a booking) they are not classed as marketing so will send regardless of the customer's marketing preferences. See more about marketing preferences in Appointedd in this guide

How reminders and follow-ups are relevant

You can create multiple reminders and follow-ups so each communication sends only when it matches the details of a booking. You can send communications according to:

  • The resource booked

  • The service booked 

  • The status of the booking. 

Please note: once you create your communications, they will become live and send automatically so you can focus on your bookings, knowing your customers and resources are receiving all they need.

How to set up reminders and follow-ups

You can access your reminders and follow-ups alongside all communications sent from your account, under the Email & SMS tab.

To create a new reminder or follow-up, click create and follow through the steps:

  • Give the communication a name

  • Select whether it's a reminder (to send before a booking) or a follow-up (to send after a booking)

  • Select the timeframe (how long before/after a booking the communication should send)

  • Set the channel which the communication sends in

  • Set the send-from name (and email address for email communications)

  • Select the type recipient (the communication will send to the resource/customer on the booking or the specific recipient you choose)

  • Select the details of bookings for which this communication should send

  • Set whether you wish to bundle this communication

  • Set the content of the communication (and subject for emails)

  • Set whether you wish to send a cancellation link (for email reminders only)

  • Click save

If you're unable to click save, go back to the form to check that all mandatory fields (those marked with as asterisk *) are complete. 

What content sends for your reminder/follow-up

To ensure that the customer has all of the information that they need about the booking, some standardised content is sent in every reminder/follow-up. This standardised content is indicated by the lock icons on the right hand side:

The content in the locked box will pull through the information about the booking (customer name, service name, date, time and timezone).  

How to manage your existing reminders and follow-ups

All of your created reminders and follow-ups are displayed together. You can expand the name of each to see more about them by clicking the arrow icon:

Additionally, you can edit each, create a copy, or delete them by clicking the appropriate icons. 

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