What is a booking widget?

A booking widget is a tool that you can use to allow your customers to make bookings with your yourself. It can be embedded or appear as a popover (book now button), and any bookings made through the booking widget will automatically appear in your Appointedd calendar.

Place your booking widget wherever customers interact with your business, whether that be on your website, social media, mobile app, emails or SMS.

Learn how to create a booking widget either in embed mode here or popover mode here.

How to add the booking widget to your website

  • Click on Booking tools and select Manage booking widgets

  • Create a new widget or click on the pencil (edit) icon on an existing booking widget

  • Click Save widget and select Get embed code

  • The following box will appear:

  • Make sure that HTML snippet is highlighted in orange

  • Copy the iframe code - the paper icon in the right hand corner of the black box will copy the code for you

  • Paste the iframe code into your website builder

Ta-da! 🎉 You are now bookable on your website!

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