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How does Zoom Meetings/Appointedd integration work?
How does Zoom Meetings/Appointedd integration work?

Appointedd and Zoom Meetings work effortlessly together so that you manage all of your services virtually and in one place.

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⚙️ How does Zoom and Appointedd integration work

When a booking is created

When you connect Appointedd and Zoom Meetings, a web meeting is created in Zoom when a booking is made with an appropriate service/resource, Learn how to enable zoom on your service here.

The web meeting URL (e.g. is included in the confirmation email to the customer as part of the body of the email, and in the attached .ics calendar file. 

For complete convenience for the resource, the Zoom link is sent to them in their notification email when a booking is made (see more about resource notifications here) and is included in their synced external calendar (see more about calendar sync here). 

You can also find the Zoom link in the calendar screen by clicking on the existing booking.

When a booking is modified

When a booking is moved to another date or time by the resource or at, the Zoom Meeting link will updated to the appropriate time. The email confirmation to the customer - notifying them that the booking has been changed - will also be included the new Zoom link. 

To find out how to recover a deleted Zoom meeting, please click here.

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