To connect with Braintree, we suggest that first you set up your Braintree account then when your application has been successful, get back in touch with us and we'll help you to connect your accounts.

Set up your a Braintree account here

Why we partner with Braintree:

  • Braintree offers simple, competitive rates and accept a variety of major credit and debit cards

  • Braintree is PCI and SSL compliant and your customer details are sent straight from your booking tool to Braintree's secure servers

  • Braintree is easy for you to set up in just a few minutes

  • Braintree offers a clean, unintrusive user experience; the customer is not taken out of the Appointedd booking tools when they make a payment, making the whole process intuitive and seamless.

Please note that Braintree is for GBP payments only

Integrate Braintree with Appointedd following these steps: 

  • Head to Connect and select Connect to a payment gateway

  • Click the orange Connect with Braintree button and enter your details and confirm

  • You are now connected with Braintree

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