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Appointedd's online booking tools can eliminate queues and control social distancing.
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By using Appointedd to facilitate online bookings, you can optimise customer numbers whilst adhering to social distancing regulation. Instead of relying on footfall, promote time at your business on an appointment basis.

How to use Appointedd to take bookings online

Placing a booking widget on your website

  • You can create a booking widget either in embed mode or popover mode (book now button) to display and take bookings through your website.

  • Simply head over to Booking tools > Manage booking widgets > create new and use the filters so that the services you wish to take bookings for are displayed.

  • Click save and then get embed code and copy and paste the HTML snippet onto your website.

Take bookings through your social media

  • You can use the URL link to your booking widget to take bookings through your social media

  • Go to Booking tools > Manage booking widgets > create new (embed mode) and save. Click get embed code and copy the widget url.

  • You can now paste this link into your profile information, bio and in posts to promote your services.

  • If you would like to take bookings through Facebook you can set up a book now button CTA. Find out more here.

Use your Appointedd Booking Page to take booking

  • When you sign up to Appointedd, we automatically create a unique Booking Page for you account. This is a webpage that can be used in place or alongside your own website to take bookings.

  • Go to Booking tools > Personalize your Booking Page to choose your colours, theme and structure and then head over to Setup > Edit business profile to add a logo and banner image.

  • Click on Booking tools > Go to the business Booking page to see your new Booking Page.

  • You can promote the link to this webpage for customers to make bookings for your services.

If you have any questions about how you can get your business ready please don't hesitate to get in touch over our 24/7 support chat.

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