How to offer click and collect services
Get Appointedd for free with our new Click and Collect Plus deal and meet the requirements of tighter lockdown restrictions.
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Click and Collect Plus πŸ’«

We're delighted to present a one-time offer with our Click and Collect Plus deal to ensure retailers meet the requirements of tighter restrictions across Scotland, and soon to be the rest of the UK.

Offer: Appointedd will be free of charge until the current lockdown ends

Requirements: Your business must be offering a click-and-collect service

When lockdown lifts, we will give you good notice so you can learn about the costs involved should you decide to continue and also how to extract your data should you decide to no longer use Appointedd.

Please drop us a message via the bottom-right chat icon if you match the requirements and wish to redeem this offer.

Am I eligible for click and collect?

A click and collect service allows customers to shop online and collect their purchased goods in-store. Click and collect is currently available (in Scotland) for essential goods only such as:

  • clothing and footwear stores

  • homeware stores and garden centres/plant nurseries

  • baby equipment shops

  • electrical goods (including repairs)

  • key cutting and shoe repair shops

How can Appointedd help?

With Appointedd's online booking and scheduling tools, you can maintain social distancing measures by controlling the flow of customers and reducing interaction.

You and your customers can adhere to new government guidelines by offering bookable pick-up slots and allowing customers to quickly and efficiently collect their purchased good at a time convenient to them.

How do I set-up click and collect services?

1. Create a resource - a resource is a bookable calendar which displays your appointments. If you have one business premise, you'll most likely only require one resource, however please read the help guide linked.

2. Create your click and collect service - a service is what your customers will see to book. Name your service, add a duration, and include buffers before and after each pick-up slot (if you wish). The duration can be as short or as long as you like, and by applying buffers you can avoid customer interaction.

3. Publish your booking tools - customise your booking tools and paste them onto your website, link on Facebook or share on Instagram. If you have a website, we recommend using the booking widgets, otherwise use your Booking Page.

I have multiple locations, how will the system know I have stock for collection?

If you have a stock management system and a technical team, you can use our public API to display the order number on the booking. Staff can check the order number and have it ready for collection.

For a less technical solution, we recommend the following two options:

  1. Set the online booking notice to a couple of days. This will give you time to ensure the item is in stock by the time of collection. The notice ranges from no notice to three weeks.

  2. If you send out emails to customers confirming their purchase is ready for collection, include your Appointedd booking link in the content. Customers can click, book a time for collection, and arrive.

Check out our example customer journey below:

I'd like some additional help

Brilliant! That's what we're here for. I'd recommend drop us a message via the bottom-right chat icon and we'll get back to you asap. We're open 24/7!

If you have any feedback we would love to hear it πŸ‘‚

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