How to set Covid secure capacity on your bookings
Set how many customers can come in-store at one point in time to ensure social distancing.
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By using Appointedd, you can control the number of people visiting your store by creating bookable time slots with a maximum occupancy level. For example, you may wish to allow 5 customers in your store every 30 minutes to ensure a group of 5 can browse your store in good time and adhere to social distancing regulation.

You may not wish to have groups arriving in-store at once. In which case, you can easily allow customers in one at a time with brief crossovers, to maximize your capacity. You can do this by adding another resource.

For group entries: how to set maximum occupancy levels on your services

  • Go to Setup > Manage services > add service.

  • Give your service a name, e.g Visit our store.

  • Fill in all the additional details and click on the Type of service section.

  • Increase the Maximum occupancy to represent how many customers you wish to have in store at one point in time per staff member.

  • Toggle Allow others to join group booking On so multiple parties can book in at the same time.

  • Set the online booking limit per customer to represent how many individuals each party can book in at one time.

  • Fill in any additional service details and save.

  • Find out more on how to create a service and creating a group booking.

For single entries: how to create a new resource to manage capacity levels

  • To create a resource, go to Setup > Manage resources > add resource.

  • Enter the resource's details, add a photo and even assign a colour

  • Assign the relevant services to the resource

  • Select working hours and set the days and times for your resource, including any breaks. For example, if you would like one customer to book in at 9am for a 30-minute visit, but the second customer to arrive at 9.15am for a 30-minute visit, the recurring break you require is 9:00am - 9.15am. You can keep adding these breaks to ensure throughout the day, one customer arrives every 15-minutes and leaves every 30.

  • Make sure to click save changes

  • Remember: your services should still have the occupancy level set to one if you are adding another resource.

Top tip: you can find out what your customers would like to do in-store by asking a booking question. Learn more about booking questions here.

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