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How to drive revenue safely with Zero Touch Personal Shop
How to drive revenue safely with Zero Touch Personal Shop
Connect Appointedd to a video conferencing platform and offer virtual consultations and experiences for your clients to enjoy at home.
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Offering at-home personal experiences is a great way to build deep and lasting relationships with your customers.

As lockdown eases, virtual appointments will keep your customers safe but engaged with your brand before they enter your stores.

Zero Touch Personal Shop can also be a great way to drive revenue. One Appointedd client is reporting that virtual services are currently generating more revenue for their brand than all ecommerce sales combined.

Zero Touch Personal Shop experiences might involve:

  • Showing off a range of items online before customers purchase in-store

  • Displaying a range of items virtually that customers can purchase via your website

  • Virtual 1-2-1 or group wardrobe consultations

  • Virtual fittings and events

  • Virtual showcases and masterclasses

How do I set up a Zero Touch Personal Shop experience?

Appointedd has a direct integration with Zoom. This means you can efficiently manage all of your services virtually and in one place. Read more about our Zoom integration here.

If you don't have a Zoom account, you can sign up here. Alternatively, you can still connect Appointedd to Skype, MS Teams, Google Meets, FaceTime etc.

First you need to create a service - i.e. virtual wardrobe consultation. Once created, you can connect Appointedd to Zoom and in the Type of service section of your services, flip the Zoom slider to on and save service.

If you don't want to use Zoom, you need to copy your web meeting URL from your chosen video conferencing platform and paste it into your automated communications. You are best pasting your web meeting link in your confirmation and reminder messages.

What happens when customers book a Zero Touch appointment?

With our Zoom integration, a web meeting is created in Zoom when a booking is made. The web meeting URL (e.g. ) is included in the confirmation email to the customer as part of the body of the email and in the attached .ics calendar file. Read more about this here.

With other video conferencing platforms, the web meeting URL will be included in your automated confirmation and reminder messages, if you pasted the link there. By doing so, the customer will successfully receive the link in their emails and simply click to join the virtual appointment.

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