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Editing your cancellation messages for lockdown restrictions
Editing your cancellation messages for lockdown restrictions
If you need to send appointment cancellations because of lockdown, you can edit emails or SMS to send your customers the right message
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When you cancel an appointment in Appointedd, you have the option to send a cancellation email or SMS. If you have these turned on in your settings, we will send this message to everyone who has a cancelled booking. This can save you a lot of time and ensure that all of your clients are in the know about the status of their appointment.

With additional lockdown restrictions coming and going, you may need to cancel your customers' appointments at late notice. As such, you might want to edit your cancellation message so that you are communicating to your clients in a way that is sensitive to their needs and on message for your brand.

To edit your cancellation messages to reflect the fact that you are cancelling their appointment due to lockdown restrictions, you can do this in your Management Settings. Click here to edit your emails (just choose the setting for cancellations), or click here to edit your SMS.

Keep safe and well during these difficult times πŸ’™

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