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Booking timezone abbreviation


Inputs the abbreviated timezone for the booking.

What is the booking timezone and where is it set up?

Depending on where the recipient of the communication is will determine what timezone is populated. For example, if I am a customer from Edinburgh booking a service in New York, the timezone in my communication will be GMT/ BST (depending on what time of the year it is). If I am the resource and I am in Berlin, the timezone displayed on my confirmation will be CET.

You can set the timezone for your resources in their working hours page by going to Setup > Manage resources > Working hours:

The default timezone for resources can be set up by going to Setup > Customize business settings:

You can set whether or not you would like customer's timezones to be automatically detected when displaying availability on your booking tools. If you decide you would prefer to determine what timezone availability displays in, you can do so. Head over to Booking tools > Customize your booking flow:

How will this display within our communications?

Here is an example of an english email template which includes the booking timezone abbreviation variable:


<p>Hi {{customer_firstname}},<br>
Thank you for booking the {{booking_label}} on {{booking_start_time}}.</p>

<p>{{resource_name}} will be looking after you for the duration of your visit and will be at reception to welcome you when you arrive. The {{booking_label}} will take place at the {{booking_location}}. If you have any questions prior to your booking, please don't hesitate to get in touch by replying to this email. </p>

<p>We look forward to seeing you on soon, however if you need to cancel your booking you can do so <a href="{{booking_cancellation_url}}">here</a>.</p>

Lothian Activity Centre</p>

<p>Please note all times within this email are in {{booking_timezone_abbreviation}}</p>

When a customer books, they will then automatically receive a booking confirmation email which will be constructed using the template we have saved above. This will then display as so:

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