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Variable name

How to type the variable

What the variable does

Video conferencing type name


Inputs the name of the video conferencing type that has been assigned to the service, for example Zoom Meetings, MS Teams, Zoom Webinars.

What is the video conferencing type and where can you find it?

Appointedd integrates with a number of video conferencing platforms, namely Zoom and Microsoft Teams. You have the option to set up one of these for your account & then enable video conferencing at a service level. When a booking is made for a service which has video conferencing turned on, a video conferencing meeting is generated which you can join from Appointedd by clicking on the booking & then selecting Join Meeting:

How will this display within our communications?

Here is an example of an english email template set up with the booking location variable:


<p>Hi {{customer_firstname}},</p>
<p>Thank you for booking:</p>
<p>{{service_name}} | {{booking_start_time | date: "DDD, t"}} {{booking_timezone_abbreviation}} </p>

{% if video_conference_link %}<p>At the time of your booking, {{video_conference_link | link:"click here to join the ", video_conference_type_name}}. Your call will be hosted on {{video_conference_type_name}}</p>
{% endif %}

{% if booking_cancellation_url_enabled %}
<p>If you wish to cancel this booking, please {{ booking_cancellation_url | link:"click here." }}</p>
{% endif %}

<p>All timezones referenced in this email are in the {{customer_booking_timezone_full}} timezone.</p>

Lothian Activity Centre</p>

When a customer books, they will then automatically receive a booking confirmation email which will be constructed using the template we have saved above. This will then display as so:

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