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Customer total spaces


Inputs the total number of spaces the customer has taken on the booking.

What is the total spaces variable?

You can create services in Appointedd that are group bookings. These can either be private closed group bookings where only one person can book for multiple people that they are bringing along, or they can be open group bookings where multiple independent parties can book into the same time slot. For example you may want to offer private tours or public tours. You can learn more about group bookings here.

The total number of spaces a customer has booked could be useful to communicate to either your customers or your resources.

How will this display within our communications?

Here is an example of an english email template set up with the customer total spaces variable:


<p>Hi {{customer_firstname}},</p>

<p>Thank you for booking:<br>
{{customer_booking_tier_name}} {{service_name}} for {{customer_booking_total_spaces}} people. The total price is {{customer_booking_total_price | currency}} and your booking is on {{booking_start_time | date: "DDD, t"}} {{booking_timezone_abbreviation}}.</p>

<p>We look forward to welcoming you at the distillery soon!</p>

<p>Best wishes,<br>
Lothian Tours</p>

When a customer books, they will then automatically receive a booking confirmation email which will be constructed using the template we have saved above. This will then display as so:

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