What problem are we trying to solve?

To be able to make a service bookable only if more than one type of specific resource is available, and have the subsequent booking assigned to all resources required.

How are we solving it?

In order to solve this problem we are enhancing the resource allocation step within the service form. You will now have three options to choose from before ticking which resources you would like to allocate:

  • Option 1: Any assigned available resource. Which ever resource is available at the time the customer would like to book, will be assigned the booking. If there are more than one resource available, the booking will be assigned randomly.

  • Option 2: All assigned resources. In order for a booking to be made for this service, all of the assigned resources must be available.

  • Option 3: One resource from all assigned resource groups. Which ever resources are available from each of the assigned resource groups at the time the customer would like to be booked will be assigned to the booking.

You will then tick the resource names that you want these filters to select from and save when you save the service form.

What else is new with this functionality?

You can now click select all if you want all of your resources to be assigned, or clear all if you want to unassign them all. This is handy if you've got lots of resources and should help to save you time.

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