Our product team have been busy redesigning the Appointedd service setup form - the team are recreating the user interface of the service form to make it more intuitive and to improve usability.

In addition to revamping the user interface of the service form, we are also re-implementing the underlying technology, using our new, modern stack to enable future enhancements.

Why are we making changes

Upon receiving feedback from Appointedd users on the usability and user-friendliness of the service setup form, we decided to rework its user interface. In particular we are keen to achieve the below:

  • improve design, structure & overall flow of the service form interface

  • ensure the relevant features and settings are surfaced for users

  • enable users to create & edit services easily

As mentioned above, within this project, we are also implementing modern solutions which will enable us to add future features & enhancements to this part of the system more easily & more quickly.

What is changing

The redesigning of the service form involves a number of different key changes:

  1. creating a new service form structure with multiple steps - as part of this, we have also rearranged service settings into subcategories

  2. introducing the service type event - as part of this, we are also introducing service type specific service forms

  3. redesigning duration and price structure

  4. improving custom schedule content

  5. improving illustrations, content and terminology across the whole form

If you have any questions on this functionality please get in touch via our 24/7 chat support.

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