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How to sign up to a MessageBird account
How to sign up to a MessageBird account

Learn how to sign up to a MessageBird account to take advantage of Appointedd's integration with them.

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MessageBird is a communications platform allowing businesses to connect and engage with their customers. They offer a platform that can unify various communication channels in one place. These channels include WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram. SMS, Twitter, Slack, etc.

While MessageBird has many, amazing functionalities, the integration between MessageBird and Appointedd focuses on sending SMS only.

In order to take advantage of the integration, you will need to have both a MessageBird and an Appointedd account:

  • Sign up here for a MessageBird account

  • Sign up here for an Appointedd account

You can find out more about MessageBird's pricing here.

If you are planning to send SMS to US numbers, you will need to get registered for A2P 10DLC with MessageBird directly once you've got your account with them sorted. You can learn more about how to register here.

How to sign up MessageBird

You can easily sign up by following this link and follow the steps within the setup wizard. Below, there's some helpful screenshots to guide you through this.

Please note, that this is MessageBird's sign up flow and as such if you need help at any point, please get in touch directly with them - you can do this here.

  1. The first step is to create an account with your email, Google or Facebook credentials - choose the one, that suits you best

  2. Then select the most appropriate goal

  3. Fill out some basic details

  4. And add company details as well

  5. Once your account is created, make sure you complete all verification steps

All done!

Now you can head over to this article detailing how to connect your new MessageBird account to your Appointedd one to utilise the integration.

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