What is a Booking Page?

A Booking Page is a small standalone, simple website that you can use to take online bookings from. You can also use it as a business website by displaying business details such as a description, contact details, location and opening hours. All of which you can customize with your business colors and branding.

You have a Booking Page for your business, which you can find under Booking tools > Go to the business Booking Page. You also have a Booking Page for your resource(s), which you can find under Setup > Manage resources > View info > Booking Page.

How do I edit my Booking Page?

To learn more about how to edit your Booking Page click here.

How to add the Booking Page to your website

  • Click on Booking tools and select Personalize your Booking Page to copy your URL (businesname.appointedd.com)

  • You may have a "book now" button on your website

  • Paste the Booking Page URL here to redirect customers from your website to your Booking Page

Please note: customers will be redirected from your website to a new tab where your Booking Page will display

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