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How to make different services available to different groups of customers
How to make different services available to different groups of customers

Offer different services to different people by restricting the booking widgets to show what they require.

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With Appointedd, you can choose to offer different services, different prices, and different available times to groups of clients.

This allows you to offer discounts, special prices, and premium times to certain groups e.g. members, friends and family.

You can do this by editing your services and limiting your booking widgets.

⚒️ Separate your services and categories

To offer a different service or category to each type of customer, you should create those services and categories per customer type. Go to Setup and click Manage services. You'll find a guide to services and categories here

You can create copies of existing services easily by clicking the paper icon on the right of the services. You can also re-order and move services between categories by clicking the Drag and drop slider. 

⚙️ Create the booking widget

  • Hover over Booking tools and click Manage booking widgets

  • Create a booking widget and on the left, limit the category or service to what you would like to offer to that customer type

  • Click Save widget.

You can embed this booking widget on your own website, perhaps in a members-only area or a hidden page. You can also embed this booking widget on your Booking Page and distribute the URL to the appropriate customers. 

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