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How to ask your customers for additional personal details (Custom CRM fields)
How to ask your customers for additional personal details (Custom CRM fields)

Create custom fields within your booking flow to collect additional information about the customer at the time of booking.

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With Appointedd, you can take the information that you need from your customer before the booking is made. The information can be taken in the form of custom questions and custom fields for bookings made internally or externally. For more information on custom questions, check out this guide.

🧐 What are custom fields?

A custom field is created to store and collect information about the customer. This information can be collected from the customer as text or as a date selected from a calendar:

This might be the customer's membership number, their date of birth, or the breed of their dog(s).

βš™οΈ How to create a custom field

You can create custom fields by going to the Booking tools tab and clicking Manage CRM fields.

Here, you can see all of your existing custom fields and add new ones:

  • Click + Add custom field

  • Select whether the answer to this custom field should be given in Text or Date format

  • Enter the name of the field

  • The Field ID will automatically populate from the field name that you entered

Note: the Field ID is used when importing customers to your CRM.

  • Select whether or not this field should be Required

  • Select whether or not this field should be hidden externally (so not displayed when bookings are made via your online booking tools)

  • Click Save field.

πŸ–‹οΈ How to edit or delete custom fields?

To edit or delete custom fields, head to the Booking tools tab -> Manage CRM fields.

Here you will see all your custom fields that have been created in the past. To Edit or Delete, simply click on the buttons on the right hand side of the custom field.

You can edit CRM field names as required, but this will not change the field id name. We've locked the field id, making it impossible to edit, to ensure no data is lost on the customer records.

If you wish to edit both the field name and field id, we recommend deleting the existing CRM field and creating a brand new one instead. However, this way, any data stored against the deleted field id will also be hidden from the customer record.

🏰 Where are custom fields stored?

The information taken via a custom field is saved in the customer's record in your CRM. You can view a customer's information by going to the customer's record under the Customers tab. Use the search function on the right hand side to locate a customer record.

Alternatively, you can quickly view a customer's information by clicking on the customer's name in a booking:

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