To begin, follow the instructions on how to create a booking widget (see this guide). These instructions will explain all the ins and outs of creating, customizing, and getting the HTML code for your booking widget. Be sure to create your booking widget in embed mode  to ensure the booking widget can be viewed on your Wix site.

To embed the booking widget on your Wix page, you must first add an HTML widget to your Wix page:

  • Go to your site editor in Wix
  • Click the + from the left toolbar to add 
  • Select more from the menu 
  • Select HTML Code 
  • Drag the element to where you want it on your page and expand it
  • Click enter code on the top left
  • With code selected, paste the code you took from your booking widget. 

Top tip:

To ensure that your customers can complete the booking, expand the booking widget window so it is wide and high enough to view the whole booking widget.

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