How to take bookings with Appointedd on your Wix site

Use Appointedd as your online booking system by adding a booking widget to any part of your Wix website.

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Create a widget in Appointedd

First, follow the instructions on how to create a booking widget in Appointedd (see this guide).

The guide will explain the steps you must take to customize and create your widget to get the HTML code. Remember to save your widget!

Place your widget onto your Wix site

  • Go to your site editor in Wix

  • Click the + from the left toolbar to +Add 

  • Select Embed at the bottom of the menu 

  • Under Custom Embeds, choose </> Embed a Widget

  • Drag the grey element to where you want it on your page

  • Click Enter Code above and choose to add Code (not Website Address)

  • Paste the HTML code you took from your booking widget

  • Click Update and close the box

To ensure that your customers can complete the booking, expand the booking widget window using the Wix tools so it's wide and high enough to view the whole booking widget.

Save and preview! 👀 Previewing before publishing is a great way to test your Appointedd bookings tools from your customers perspective.

If you have any feedback we would love to hear it 👂

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