How to set up webhooks

Learn how to send webhooks from Appointedd to notify your other tools of new and updated bookings and customers.

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🌍 What are the Appointedd webhooks?

Webhooks are HTTP callbacks which can be used to pull information from Appointedd. Appointedd's webhook integration allows you to send data about an event when that event is triggered e.g. when a new booking is created, updated or deleted.

Appointedd webhooks are processed on the following events:

  • Booking created

  • Booking updated

  • Booking cancelled

  • Customer created

  • Customer updated

  • Customer deleted

Note: Bookings can also trigger customer webhooks, as customers can be updated and created while creating a booking.

βš™οΈ How do you create a webhook?

You can create a Webhook from your Appointedd settings:

  • Hover over the Connect tab

  • Select Create webhooks

  • Give your Webhook a comprehensive name

  • Select a Webhook trigger (the trigger is the action which will prompt the webhook to send information to the URL)

  • Enter the URL of the endpoint to which data should be sent

  • If you wish, you can choose to authenticate your webhooks using basic authentication or a custom header:

  • Click Save webhook.

This article explains how you can use Zapier to catch your webhook and send the information to your other tools.

πŸ”– What data is sent with a webhook?

Click here to find out what data is sent with booking and customer webhooks.

​Please also note that we may add additional webhook payload fields on an ad-hoc basis, but we will never remove them.

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