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How does the Appointedd free trial work?
How does the Appointedd free trial work?

Make the most of your 14 day free trial!

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You can sign-up to Appointedd and start your free trial by clicking here.

When you sign up to the Appointedd free trial, you have full access to our features for 14 days.

  • How about integrating your resources' calendars with external calendars such as Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Outlook or Office 365?

  • Start taking online bookings by embedding a booking widget on your business website. 

  • Reduce no-shows by turning on SMS reminders - you get 100 for free during your trial.

Remember that you receive 10% off all of your bundles forever by subscribing during your trial. Click the banner in your calendar screen to apply this discount and subscribe at any time on your billing page.

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